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Difference Games

Asian Girls Difference
Find the differences between each pair of Asian girl portraits accompanied by calming Asian music.
China Difference
Find the differences between the pairs of Chinese landscapes in under five minutes while listening to Chinese music.
Gingerbread House Differences
Find the differences in each mythical scene that is accompanied by some pretty cool music in this differences game.
Good Morning 5 Differences
Find the differences in the scenes with ordinary animated landscapes and rooms with piano music in the background.
Hot Love
Yet another simple differences game with a Valentine's Day kind of theme. Unlock all seventy levels!
Icy Heart

More heart and/or love themed scenes for you to examine and search out the differences!

Love Differences

Make your way through a complex love triangle a little more in every scene where you find the differences!

Museum of Thieves
You are on a guided tour through the museum. Make your way through each room by finding the differences. Unlock all thirty-two!
Paris Differences
Find the differences in each pair of Paris landscape photographs. The music's not that great, but the pictures are nice!
Stranded Vikings
Experience the story of vikings who get lost in a storm by finding the differences in each pair of viking pictures.
Turbo Spot
Pairs of pictures come at you fast. Find the differences before time runs out. See how many you can solve!
Vivid Dreams
Another find the differences game with decent illustrations and okay music. See if you like this one!
With the Wind
This is a very artsy differences game with different animated pictures that are a little surreal.

Hidden Number Games

Mouse House Celebration
The mice are having a party on New Years Eve. Find all the hidden letters and listen to the whimsical music.
Hidden Numbers Mall
You have five minutes to find all of the numbers in this mall landscape. Don't run out of time!
Hidden Numbers Lake House
Discover the hidden numbers in the Lake House. A rightly placed click earns one hundred points. Good Luck!
Anthill Picnic
Find the hidden letters of the alphabet in this ant infested picnic scene.
Cool City Hidden Numbers
Scan the city landscape to find the hidden numbers as you listen to the suspenseful music. Don't run out of time!

Nicole Adventure Games

Nicole: Adventure in Greenland
Keep up with Nicole as her story takes her on a journey to Greenland and help her find the missing items to get the prize!
Nicole: Adventure in Egypt
Follow Nicole as she goes to Egypt and help her get what she needs to win in this installment of the series!
Nicole: Adventure in Atlantis
This time Nicole's curiosity takes her to the fabled city of Atlantis in this Hidden Objects Game!
Nicole: Adventure in Mexico
Go south of the border with Nicole as she continues her search for treasure!
Nicole: Adventure in the Far East
Nicole travels farther than ever before in this episode! Be her faithful companion and help her find what she's looking for this time!

Hidden Object Games

Elementals: the Magic Key
Follow the directions and find what is needed to complete the objectives in this hidden object game.
Garden Scapes
Find the hidden objects that people want in each room to make money and renovate your garden.
Gibson House
Search each room and find everything that is listed to move to the next room in this neat hidden objects game.
Mysteries of Chinese Shop
Find the hidden animals and ancient relics as you relax to this mysterious hidden objects game!
City of Atlantis
Enjoy searching the beautiful scenery of the city of Atlantis for what is hidden inside.
Legend of the Golden Mask
Choose between score and casual modes then follow the storyline and find bonus material for the journey!
Hidden Foes 2
Use your sniper rifle to hunt out all the commandos that are out to get you in this sinister hidden object game.
Jungle 2
Point out all the animals and other things on the list in the jungle scene. Make sure not to misclick though!
Library Mystery
Select your difficulty level and find all the missing objects in the library in time to win.
Lost in Castle
Follow the story of someone who got lost in a castle. Help them find what they need to get out in time.
Luxury Bus
It's time to discover the hidden objects on the Luxury Bus. Do it quickly to receive a high score in this hidden objects game!
Natalie Brooks
Natalie's Grandfather gets kidnapped on his birthday. Help her save him by finding the hidden objects in each scene.
This is a logic game and a hidden object game. Use girly spy equipment with different powers to find where to shop for clothes.
The Hunting of the Snark
Make your way through this crazy storyline by finding what the captain needs in this hidden objects game.
Times Square by Night
Times Square is bright and vibrant at night. Scour the scene to find the missing items while you listen to the music.
Voodoo Chronicles
Help Detective Voodoo get ready for his trip by searching his office for the supplies he needs.
Where is My Left Sock
The kid is going on a trip, but all he can find are his right socks. Help him on his quest!
Wild West Sheriff
You are the sheriff in the wild west. Use your scope and rifle to blast the outlaws when they appear.

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